OLB alignment in 4-2-5 Cover 2

3×3 vs 1 WR, 2×2 vs Pro Split difference between #2 & tackle vs,twins Split the difference between #3 & tackle vs trips. Cover 2 & cover 5 allow the OL to focus on run support…no re-route & no flats.  Seam dropper vs pass

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Adjusting to RB in shotgun

That is a great question and I don’t have one answer. We will adjust week-to-week based on who we are playing. When we first install the defense, we just want to “pour the concrete” and get base rules in. We are very, very careful about not “what-if’ing” our kids to death in August. That is

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In my defense the outside linebackers are critical…just as important as the safeties in the 4-3.  The small difference is this:  In the 3-4, they are asked to come up & play on the LOS vs TE sets.  They can be overmatched in this scenario.  In the 4-man front defenses they can be slightly smaller since

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Team Defense

Have you ever been concerned with one player on the other team? People or other coaches tell you how great that person is. How are you going to stop him? Of all the years that i have played or coached, I have always been told that one person can’t beat a team who plays together

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