Pistol Wing T

Power Read, Trap, and Counter using one blocking scheme

We continue our series of emails covering the GROUND STRIKE offense being run at Eastern New Mexico University by head coach Kelley Lee. The GROUND STRIKE offense has been one of the top rushing offenses in NCAA D-2 the past few years. And when Kelley Lee was a high school coach, he used this offense

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will backer blitz vs 33 Belly

That is a great question…. OPTION #1) Down block the blitzer with LT (king call…which is now a “down call”) and read the 5 tech. OPTION #2) Ace block (which is now a “fan” call) and the wing blocks the blitzer at the LOS towards the center (the wing has to be as strong as

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TB in pistol or offset in Shotgun?

Here is an email that I replied to: On 2015-11-06 05:07, Kevin Schelb wrote: Coach Stewart, This past year our QB was one of our most dynamic players and we really made some efforts to feature him running the ball by getting into the gun. We ran we QB Belly, QB Down, QB Bucksweep, and a QB Counter

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Pistol Wing T Short Yardage

We have two short yardage packages, TUBBY and THUMPER.  However, Belly 47-G (belly sweep) is by far our best play on the goal line.   Tubby We put both tackles and our TE on one side of the fomation and our X at the opposite tackle (sometimes we sub in our 2nd string TE).  There

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