How to attach perimeter screens to Buck Sweep

How to attach perimeter screens to Buck Sweep

Every year it feels like more and more coaches come to this type of play style — whether that be Under Center Wing T coaches adding a shotgun package or a spread coach adding a Wing T package — I see and hear about each of these happening.

Buck Sweep usually captures everyone’s attention, but the Counter Criss Cross is just as great and can add to your package and make it even better.


Because when you add it, you’re adding to your SERIES, and you can start to call IF-THEN plays.

So, here’s the drawings from the two most common Shotgun Wing T formations:

This drawing comes from Adam Mathieson’s Left Coast Spread Wing T system and includes a simple bubble screen RPO.

To hear Coach Mathieson go over the Counter Criss Cross play and it’s backfield action, just click the video below to watch:

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