If-Then Play Calling in the Wing T

I want to share some of things we do in the Pistol Wing-T in terms of play calling on Friday nights.


I have always scripted out our first 10 plays. But it is formations & motions that I am worried about, not the plays.

  • Run Tight End in the boundary and to the field.
  • Run Trips in the boundary and to the field. Also a Trips Open and a Trips Closed
  • Motion to boundary.
  • Motion to TE in boundary.

Making sure that I see this tells me if there defense is based on field, TE strength, and/or motion. All these formations are in the press box and my son is watching the GameStrat ipad and writing down how they line up.

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If you are interested in If-Then play calling and want to learn more, check out this course Coach Holmes and Coach Simpson created.

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