Power Read, Trap, and Counter using one blocking scheme

We continue our series of emails covering the GROUND STRIKE offense being run at Eastern New Mexico University by head coach Kelley Lee.

The GROUND STRIKE offense has been one of the top rushing offenses in NCAA D-2 the past few years.

And when Kelley Lee was a high school coach, he used this offense to produce the three highest scoring offenses in New Mexico high school history.  Lee took a 1-9 program to a 12-1 semi-final finish in his three years as a high school coach. 

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Our email on Monday showed how Lee runs multiple plays using a common blocking scheme.

This is the core philosophy of his GROUND STRIKE offense: KEEP IT SIMPLE FOR THE HOGS UP FRONT. 


Yesterday’s email covered the subtle differences between Inside Veer, Zone Dive, and the Triple arc scheme.

Those emails can be found as blog articles by clicking here.


When coach Lee moved the GROUND STRIKE SYSTEM into Shotgun, he looked at what Gun plays he could run without changing any of his existing under center blocking.  

POWER READ was one of the plays that Lee found that was a Gun play using blocking schemes his linemen already knew. 

Notice the “DIAMOND” formation drawn up here.  Lee runs POWER READ with 1-back, to his fly motion wing, and also out of a 3-back diamond formation…

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The two plays on the right are very close to the POWER READ blocking scheme, so the linemen could continue to play fast.  Lee does not mind challenging his backs with more plays because they are highly motivated to learn new plays when they are getting the ball. 

Lots of Flexbone teams run LONG TRAP and TRAP OPTION off Midline action, but Lee pulls the tackle and runs the Fullback on a Belly path instead of a midline path.  He also runs these plays out of Shotgun. 

LONG TRAP is not the traditional short Guard Trap, which is found in the Belly G Family of the GROUND STRIKE SYSTEM.   This is a long Tackle Trap with a true inside out kickout block, “Pull Left, Hit Left”.

The wing starts with “YoYo” motion and follows the old Wishbone 5-path.  The Wing twirls around on the snap and comes tight off the left tackle, right at the 5-tech to block the safety

The QB does reverse midline footwork.  He & the FB make it look like Midline right, but the FB goes in the opposite direction with the ball and the QB spins back opposite to fake the option path. 


The Counter Option comes off the Long Trap.  It starts off looking like Midline right, but the QB turns 180 and runs option in the opposite direction.


The traditional way that triple option teams have ran this play has the FB keeping midline path, the Guard pulls & logs, and the QB runs option in the opposite direction of the midline.

As coach Lee’s drawing shows, the LB follows the pulling Guard and the Left Tackle can’t block him.

So Lee’s answer was to pull the Tackle…and send the Center to the Linebacker. 

This changed the mesh path of the Fullback from traditional flexbone.  But this was better for the GROUND STRIKE because this is the same path the FB runs on Belly.  

And the longer turnaround path for the QB gave the QB more time to find the hole on his reverse path.  The longer fake steps by FB & QB also created more defensive flow in the opposite direction.

The pulling tackle can log or kick out the D-End.  The QB simply reads this block.

Tomorrow’s email will cover the SHOTGUN Counter Tre, Gun Zone Read, and the RPOs of the GROUND STRIKE system.

There are 21 courses on CoachTube…you can get them for $247


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