Running Lots of Plays with Same Blocking Scheme

Eastern New Mexico University head coach Kelley Lee was a successful high school coach who climbed the ranks to become a college head coach.   This entire week he will be sharing with you the GENIUS  way that his offense runs ALOT of plays with only a few blocking schemes.

Every email this week will take you through the blocking scheme and show all  the different backfield actions.

What do I mean by ALOT ???

    • Inside, Outside, Zone Dive, Triple Option arc, Speed Option
  3. BELLY  
    • G, Option, Guard Trap, Lead, & Counter
  5. POWER 
    • Power, Power Read, Trap Option, Shovel Pass
    • Tre, Gun Read, RPOs
    • Verticals, Wheel, Rub
  8. SMASH 
    • Flood, Smash, China
  10. SCREEN
  11. DROP BACK 
    • 3 & 5 Step

There are SIX basic run blocking schemes that allow the GROUND STRIKE SYSTEM run 18-20 different run plays.   

Coach Lee only has THREE pass protections:  Play Action, Sprint Out, and Drop Back.

Again, these 3 pass protections allow them to pass the ball more than any Flexbone Triple Option team, even adding RPOs and Air Raid Sail & Mesh concepts to their arsenal.

Then, when you change the formations and add motions, the poor defense thinks you have 50 run plays, but your offensive linemen only learn SIX plays…..

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  • Under Center, Pistol, Shotgun…..he even runs I-back and wishbone !!!
  • 2 TE, 1 TE, No TE, Empty

This core philosophy of his GROUND STRIKE offense is to keep it simple for the hogs up front. 


  “But College Coaches Don’t Understand High School”


Kelley Lee took over a 1-9 high school program and 3 years later went 12-1, losing in the state semi-finals.  Using the SAME offense that he now uses in college, the GROUND STRIKE produced 3 of the highest scoring offenses in New Mexico high school history.

He gets it.  He knows the challenges high school coaches face.

In this article, Coach Kelley is only showing blocking vs a Split Defense.  He does go thru blocking vs 3-4, Bear, and 4-3 defenses on the 21 courses he made for CoachTube.  

He has also shared over 20 hours of game film !!!  WOW.   Click here to see it on CoachTube.

Ok…now let’s talk about BLOCKING SCHEMES

Notice Inside Veer & Speed Option are the same blocking scheme?  ZONE DIVE does change the LT and LW job….they “Zone Block” the D-End and combo to the FBI (First Backer Inside).

SYSTEMS have answers….

And if a 3-4 team puts TWO defenders outside the unblocked Dive key, then those blocking schemes won’t work….so you NEED THE ARC tag:

And to keep the email short I am not even covering all the TAGS.  It took coach over 3 hours to explain these 3 plays thoroughly because he wanted to make sure you had ALL THE ANSWERS.

Three plays.  One scheme.   Move some players around, put a couple in motion and the defensive coordinator is losing alot of sleep the night he plays you.

But we don’t run Under Center.  We aren’t Flexbone.   C’mon….WHERE IS YOUR IMAGINATION?

Kelley runs these from Gun and Pistol.

Reading unblocked defenders?  Isn’t that what Urban Meyer & Rich Rod do on Gun Zone Read?


Are you seeing the trend?  He has plenty more backfield actions in the Belly family, but I am trying to keep the email short…But same blocking scheme…different plays.  Then run these from Pistol, Gun, I-Back, and no motion 2-back….

These two drawings are a weak attempt to cover a 2-hour video that includes blocking vs all the fronts, blocking TAGs…Guard Trap, QB Follow, and Counters….

I get it…teachers don’t make a ton of money.  Coaches are always looking for FREE stuff.   Well, Kelley Lee has 

83 (EIGHT-THREE) free videos on CoachTube if you want to see more, 


Kind of hard for a well coached defense to read their keys when they are always the same on different plays!!!

I think you are getting the two MAIN ideas….

  1. Run lots of plays with the same blocking scheme….
  2. Window dress it with formations and motions.

But No Matter What…run a system that has answers, not a bunch of plays


Ok…this email is getting long.  I will send you an email every day this week:

  • TUESDAY: Difference between Inside Veer & Zone Dive
  • WEDNESDAY: Counter Tre, Gun Triple, and RPOs
  • THURSDAY: Wheel Routes, Rub Man Beaters, & Screens
  • FRIDAY: Vertical concepts including the Slot Option, Sail, Curl & Drag

Make sure you open emails from Rick Stewart….because I promise to always talk football, not just sell shit.  And you will ALWAYS get something FREE if you open one of my emails.

Head Coach Kelley Lee comes off the Air Force Fisher DeBerry Triple Option Tree….but played QB in the BYU offense that was ran by Steve Young, Ty Detmer, and Jim McMahon….

The GROUND STRIKE triple option offense is….

  • A Flexbone team that throws the ball
  • Is ran Under Center, from the Gun. and out of Pistol

Learn it from college coaches who at their level MUST have answers for what the Defense can do…

  • Can also run it to the weakside AWAY from Tight End
  • Learn different TAGS so defense is always wrong

There are 21 courses on CoachTube…you can get them for $247

Are you a school teacher and have no money?  There are over 83 lessons that are free to watch….


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