Pistol Wing T Short Yardage

We have two short yardage packages, TUBBY and THUMPER.  However, Belly 47-G (belly sweep) is by far our best play on the goal line.



We put both tackles and our TE on one side of the fomation and our X at the opposite tackle (sometimes we sub in our 2nd string TE).  There is no split end.

“Lion” and “Ram” put both wings on the same side of the Quarterback if we want extra lead blockers.

  • Tubby Lead: The TB says “alpha-bravo-charlie-delta” so QB and Wings can hear him to indicate what hole he runs into.
    • TE & Line blocking rule: On-Gap-Away. In a perfect world we want two double teams on their D-Line.
    • In Tubby, Gap includes a man head up on the man inside of him (double team) or on the man outside of him (another double team)
    • Very seldom does a D-Line not have someone on him or in an adjacent gap…which would release him to LB.
    • If in Pistol, QB still reads OLB and can keep ball and sprint for pylon.
    • Wings rule is to insert into the hole called and block linebackers.
  • Down 35-T: We pull the Left Tackle (who is between the LG and RT) and run Down. QB reads the OLB.
    • Out of Lion the RW who has come over leads blocks in the 5 hole (actually a 7 hole with extra linemen).
  • 35 Cal: This is outside Veer. Everyone (5 players) cave down to make a wall. Handoff key is OLB. Pitch key is CB.
    • Down 24 Counter: Pull the LT and TE, same as regular offense. The X/TE who is at RT always blocks 2nd level LB. We kick out first man past RG.
  • 35 Down Pass: The LT pulls & logs.
  • Lion 41 Trap: LT pulls and kicks same as all “1-Traps”. We give it to the RW who is at 4yds behind the LT.
  • 34 Baylor: If entire defense shifts over, we run 34 Baylor (inside veer) away from the formation strength.
    • Handoff key is first man past the RG (would like a 5-tech). Pitch is CB.
  • Boot Pass Right: Really like this out of Lion. Really sell the fake to TB with a lead blocker. QB boots to his right.
    • The X/TE at the RT spot “punch & pivots” the ILB and heads for back pylon in corner of endzone.
    • Backside Wing stands right under the goal post. We tell QB if you are in trouble just throw it towards the goal post because he knows the right wing will be there.
    • This is a naked boot, so the QB has to outrun the unblocked DE on the weakside

Thumper Right

  • We sub out our X for our 2nd string TE or 3rd string tackle. We sub out both wings for our starting inside linebackers.
  • Our line goes LT-LG-C-RG-RT-TE-TE.
  • One linebacker gets in gap between 2 TE about 2yds off LOS. Other LB gets 1×1 off last TE. We call these our “thumpers”
  • “Thumper Right” is simply give to TB and he runs behind the 2 LB. All Line block gap-down-LB.
  • Thumpers have to go 2nd level after inside linebackers and rolled up safeties.
  • QB rides into the line and can keep the ball if he sees grass between him & the pylon.
  • We can pull the RT and run Down 36-T.
  • If the Thumpers have eligible numbers we will run Thumper pass. Routes are same as down pass.
  • If defense overshifts, we will run 33 Baylor to the weakside. One of the thumpers has to go in motion & be pitch man.


There are 10 pages dedicated to short yardage formations, blocking rules, and many more plays than is listed in this article in my PISTOL WING T PLAYBOOK.

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