How to Defend Buck Sweep

In high school football, you can see so many offenses from week to week.

And when you run a high school defense, you certainly cannot change your scheme week to week and scout your defense up against the Flexbone, Wing T, Double Wing, or Spread team every single week.

You’ve got to have a base.

But you still need a planned attack for these types of offenses.

And the Wing T can sneak up on you if you aren’t prepared.

So, here’s a breakdown of how we have defended the one of the Wing T’s most productive plays: Buck Sweep.

How to Defeat the Buck Sweep

The initial play action on this play are down blocks to create a wall so the pulling guards have something to pull around. Two very subtle differences: The fullback does not have midline on Buck because he has to block the backside A gap, but on Guard Trap the fullback will come straight up the middle. Also, the Wing has to block the Stud End on Buck but on Down will track to the inside linebacker.

So, the first step in stopping Buck (and most Wing T plays) is to make sure your D-Line are incredible squeezers who refuse to let O-Linemen escape to the linebackers. The Right Tackle should never get off the line. Also, the flexed Nose Guard can quickly cross the Center’s face.

MIKE, BULL, and FALCON are focused on the guards. The Bull has to make sure that the fullback does not get the ball on Guard Trap. Mike and Falcon go straight to the C-Gap fitting off the squeezing Stud End. Another thorn for Wing T teams are when the Spur can collision the puller in the backfield. This will close the hole for the backside puller and ball carrier.

Stacking the Guards forces the Right Tackle to down block and he cannot block a linebacker. The Stud should squeeze on the Tight End’s down block on the defensive tackle, but he should quickly penetrate and try to knock the guards off track. He might be able to tackle the ball carrier since a Wing should not be able to block him. The Mike must beat the Guards to the hole.

Putting the Nose Guard in the A gap might look like he gets double teamed on paper, but in reality, the Nose Guard can shoot that A gap before the Center can scoop him. Also, the Right Tackle does not get there if the defensive tackle is doing his job and attacking the breast plate.

Coach, I hope this helps. Different offenses every week can become exhausting.

Which is exactly why you need a system that has answers to all the different looks you see each week.

Interested in more ways to stop the Wing-T? Check out this course.

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