Power Read, Trap, and Counter using one blocking scheme

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We continue our series of emails covering the GROUND STRIKE offense being run at Eastern New Mexico University by head coach Kelley Lee.

The GROUND STRIKE offense has been one of the top rushing offenses in NCAA D-2 the past few years.

And when Kelley Lee was a high school coach, he used this offense to produce the three highest scoring offenses in New Mexico high school history.  Lee took a 1-9 program to a 12-1 semi-final finish in his three years as a high school coach. 

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Our email on Monday showed how Lee runs multiple plays using a common blocking scheme.

This is the core philosophy of his GROUND STRIKE offense: KEEP IT SIMPLE FOR THE HOGS UP FRONT. 


Yesterday’s email covered the subtle differences between Inside Veer, Zone Dive, and the Triple arc scheme.

Those emails can be found as blog articles by clicking here.


When coach Lee moved the GROUND STRIKE SYSTEM into Shotgun, he looked at what Gun plays he could run without changing any of his existing under center blocking.  

POWER READ was one of the plays that Lee found that was a Gun play using blocking schemes his linemen already knew. 

Notice the “DIAMOND” formation drawn up here.  Lee runs POWER READ with 1-back, to his fly motion wing, and also out of a 3-back diamond formation…

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