Midline Triple Deep Dive

This course has a HEAVY emphasis on blocking schemes since Coach McCraw is the offensive Line coach.

Using Quads to Gain an Advantage

This course also shows creative ways to get the Fullback the ball Covers Belly Option Sprint Draw and Counter Tre from Quads & Unbalanced

Packaging Belly & Toss

In keeping with the GROUND STRIKE PHILOSOPHY of adding plays without adding blocking schemes see how to run both plays with the same blocking schem…

All things Option Football

Overview of Belly-G Down, Film Analysis, Butt Tag Film, Belly Option Analysis, Counter off Belly Option, Belly Option Variations, Trap Rules,Inside…

Course 16: Offensive Line Drills

Do You Learn Better When You See the Actual Drill ?? Not drawn up on a PowerPoint...but the actual video of kids doing the drills? Then this video …

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