Course 8: Toss and Fly Sweep

Need a POWERFUL run game to the Weakside? Want to Run Your QB without adding any new blocking schemes?

Want to Run the Ball Better Outside the Tackles? Then run ROCKET TOSS & FLY SWEEP

This will also help you run the ball better between the tackles! In keeping with the GROUND STRIKE PHILOSOPHY of adding plays without adding blocking schemes see how to run both plays with the same blocking scheme A CONFUSED OFFENSIVE LINE IS A BAD OFFENSIVE LINEMAN

Helps with inside run plays by keeping the Defense from squeezing the box

Great complement to the Belly G play (Course 5) get ball on perimeter Can be used in Pistol I-Back, Gun, Wing T, Double Wing Learn from the coaching staff that has been leading the NCAA D-2 in rushing for past several years… 1. You Have to handle the perimeter Arc Blocks crack & switch block changing formations 2. Your Running Back can’t dance. Be decisive (1 Cut on Toss Sweep & run the 200 m on Fly Sweep) 3. Get your B Back the ball on the perimeter with B Back Toss 4. Use Unbalanced & Quads Formations to outnumber the defense and get the ball on the edge fast! LEARN VARIATIONS TO THE TOSS Pull Pin Crack Switch

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Course Includes

  • 22 Lessons

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