Counter Tre Schemes from Gun

This course puts the FUN in the Flexbone....let's just call it the FUN-BONE...

WHAT?? A Flexbone Team running Shotgun?

A Triple Option team running Counter Tre?

This course puts the FUN in the Flexbone….let’s just call it the FUN-BONE…

Counter Tre Gun Read Counter Tre

Then just when the defense is keying those pulling linemen and Linebackers are attacking downhill hard…. RUN COUNTER TRE OPTION!!!

Suck both Inside Linebackers in with Counter Fake…..pull the ball and attack the edge This NCAA Division II rushing leader Eastern New Mexico’s Shotgun Package …..but hold on….they run it both under center & shotgun and as a bonus….

Coach Lee shows you Long Trap and Power Read at the end.

And Guess What? All of these plays use the SAME BLOCKING SCHEME !!

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Course Includes

  • 24 Lessons

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