Course 11: Vertical Concept & Slot Option

WHAT?? A Flexbone Team running Shotgun?

A Triple Option Team that THROWS the ball???

The threat of the pass has allowed the GROUND STRIKE OFFENSE to be an NCAA rushing leader

Head coach Kelley Lee played QB in and learned the BYU passing system while he was a QB at WNMU from his OC who coached and played at BYU

Coach uses a ton of gamefilm to show you the QB read progression…

Besides the Vertical concept backside skinny is a unique concept to the vertical passing game and puts the free safety in both run pass conflict and a difficult horizontal stretch How to run the same concept out of multiple tight and spread formations Verticals out of Quad formation Slot Option can be a vertical concept or strong side flood depending on the free safeties reaction Slot option make you right as a play caller TAGS Comeback


Backside Flag

Backside Drag

slot option play

Sail Concept

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Course Includes

  • 18 Lessons

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