Course 9: Power Read, Trap, Trap Option, Shovel

Want to run 6-7 plays using ONE blocking scheme?

Want to run 6-7 plays using ONE blocking scheme?

Counter? Counter Option? Trap? Trap Option? Power? Power Read?


Coach Kelley Lee’s GROUND STRIKE Triple Option has led the NCAA D-2 in rushing year after year.

Learn one of his core philosophies in this video…. To be able to run multiple plays off one blocking scheme… …..if it is simple for the Hogs Up Front…then the offense purrs like a machine. Using the Power Blocking scheme Long Trap Counter Counter Option Power Power Read Shovel Triple Option And what about the TRIPLE OPTION Shovel Pass??? The QB can pitch it forward or pitch it backwards !!! WHAT THE HECK??? Oh yea…and the QB can just take off and run it. The defense has to guard all three options. Coach Lee should go to jail for STEALING. What you want to do is unlimited…. Under Center Shotgun Pistol After watching this course, the only limit will be Your imagination….

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Course Includes

  • 17 Lessons

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