The Most Versatile Blocking System in all of Football

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We have been doing an email series covering 2-time Georgia state champion Roger Holmes Wing-T offense.  

Who is Roger Holmes?  He has been a head coach for 30 years, winning 240 games and 8 region championships.  And he has played in three state title games in football crazy Georgia.

Last week we covered his versatile blocking system that he expanded from his mentor, Hall-of-Fame college coach Herschell Moore.

On Monday we examined the 7 ways that Holmes blocks the Buck Sweep and on Tuesday we looked at the plays that Holmes loves:  Counter plays.

You can read these three articles by clicking here.

The entire 17-course system is on sale for $167 but this sale expires this weekend.  

The Buck Sweep course is only Five Bucks.

You can grab these courses here.

COURSE 1: Most Versatile Blocking System

Do You Have a System or Are You Just Running Plays?

Do Your Blocking Rules Change During the Season or You ADD a blocking rule because you are facing a defense that you don’t have the answer for?

Even if you adapt it to YOUR terminology….Coach Holmes literally shows you answers to everything a defense can possibly do!

  • EVEN:  4-4; 4-3; or 6-2.  
  • ODD:  3-4, 5-2, Bear, 3-3

But Holmes doesn’t stop just with static fronts that don’t move.  He then goes over all the “what-ifs” that you need a blocking answer for:

  • D-Line slants, squeezes, chases, or runs upfield.  He covers every scenario!
  • Inside Linebacker blitzes, scrapes, read Guards.
  • Outside Backer comes hard off the edge

Here is a list of all 17 courses that Coach Holmes has put on CoachTube

  • Course 1: Most Versatile Blocking System in America
  • Course 2: Philosophy & Personnel in the Wing T Offense
  • Course 3: Multiple Formations with Shifts & Trades
  • Course 4: Game Planning Using Balanced & Unbalanced Formations
  • Course 5: Seven Ways to Run Buck Sweep
  • Course 6: Eight Ways to Run the GUARD TRAP
  • Course 7: Down (Belly) Series and Variations
  • Course 8: Complete Belly Weakside Series
  • Course 9: POWER Series including Roll Option
  • Course 10: Counter Series with Unlimited Blocking
  • Course 11: Speed and Rocket Sweep
  • Course 12: Midline & Veer Option
  • Course 13 Play Action Pass with Coverage Beaters
  • Course 14: Practice Schedules for the 2-way Player
  • Course 15: Holmes Shoulder Skills Block Progression
  • Course 16: OL Stance, Chutes, & Footwork
  • Course 17: OL Position & Combo Drills

These are on sale until the end of the weekend for $167

COURSE 2: Philosophy & Personnel in the Wing T Offense


  • If you can only draw up the 3 or 4 formations that are all over the internet…then you have no clue.
  • If you think it is Buck Sweep ran at a TE/Wing edge…then you have no clue.
  • If you think that all of us Wing-T coaches do is DOWN BLOCK and PULL GUARS….then you have no clue.

The Wing-T is not a formation…it is an “If-then” system of putting defenders in conflict

If the Defensive player does this, then we do that.

If the Defensive player goes left, then we go left.

If this defensive player makes the tackle, then our next play call is…..

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