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Power Read, Trap, and Counter using one blocking scheme

We continue our series of emails covering the GROUND STRIKE offense being run at Eastern New Mexico University by head coach Kelley Lee. The GROUND STRIKE offense has been one of the top rushing offenses in NCAA D-2 the past few years. And when Kelley Lee was a high school coach, he used this offense

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Difference between Inside Veer, Triple Arc, and Zone Dive

Our email yesterday showed how head coach Kelley Lee of Eastern New Mexico University runs a lot of plays using the same blocking schemes in his GROUND STRIKE offense.    His VEER blocking scheme is used for Inside Veer, Zone Dive, Triple arc, & Speed Option.   The email today will take an in depth look

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Running Lots of Plays with Same Blocking Scheme

Eastern New Mexico University head coach Kelley Lee was a successful high school coach who climbed the ranks to become a college head coach.   This entire week he will be sharing with you the GENIUS  way that his offense runs ALOT of plays with only a few blocking schemes. Every email this week will

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The Most Versatile Blocking System in all of Football

We have been doing an email series covering 2-time Georgia state champion Roger Holmes Wing-T offense.   Who is Roger Holmes?  He has been a head coach for 30 years, winning 240 games and 8 region championships.  And he has played in three state title games in football crazy Georgia. Last week we covered his versatile

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Double Handoff Counter and Tackle Trap

We continue our series of emails covering the most versatile blocking system in football. It was devised by Roger Holmes and Hall-of-Fame college coach Herschel Moore.  Holmes has won 240 games and played for 3 GA state championships, winning two, including 2019 This 17-course system is currently on sale for $167 on CoachTube. We sent

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