Double Handoff Counter and Tackle Trap

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We continue our series of emails covering the most versatile blocking system in football. It was devised by Roger Holmes and Hall-of-Fame college coach Herschel Moore. 

Holmes has won 240 games and played for 3 GA state championships, winning two, including 2019

This 17-course system is currently on sale for $167 on CoachTube.

We sent out an email on Friday covering the actual system and an email yesterday showing the 7 ways to block Buck Sweep.  The Buck Sweep course is only FIVE BUCKS on CoachTube.

Those emails can be found as blog articles by clicking here.

In case you missed it, here is a quick review of the blocking system.

This blocking system starts by assigning each lineman and back a letter to determine who pulls in the play call.  Combo blocks use the first letter to decide who kicks out and the second letter is for the man leading through the hole.

If the play Call involves the Letters: W, X, Y or Z the play side linemen will follow the “Post Lead Principals.”…..which involves the Man at the Called Hole and the two players to the outside of him.

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