Seven Ways to Block Buck Sweep

We sent out an email on Friday taking an in-depth look at Holmes blocking system that was developed by Hall-of-Fame legend Herschel Moore.

Holmes has won 240 games and played for 3 GA state championships, winning two, including 2019

This blocking system starts by assigning each lineman and back a letter to determine who pulls in the play call.  Combo blocks use the first letter to decide who kicks out and the second letter is for the man leading through the hole.

If the play Call involves the Letters: W, X, Y or Z the play side linemen will follow the “Post Lead Principals.”…..which involves the Man at the Called Hole and the two players to the outside of him.

If you missed the email…check out the blog article here.

Let’s apply the blocking system to Buck Sweep….

Holmes believes that the Wing-T MUST have the following in order to be successful:

1)     multiple variations to the traditional blocking schemes of the Wing-T.

2)     multiple formations, both balanced and unbalanced

3)     Find ways to attack a soft corner

4)     Either run triple option or throw the ball….depending on who your QB is.

Holmes also believes that for the Buck Sweep to be ran successfully….

  • All backs must be willing to carry out all backfield fakes. 
  • Timing is essential to backfield action being effective.
  • Each player is responsible for a “block on each play”
  • You need all four plays in the series to slow down the Defense.
  • You need to have blocking variations for each play to be effective week to week.

Upon reading these beliefs, it is easy to see why so many teams are unsuccessful at running the Buck Sweep.  They don’t demand fakes, they aren’t committed to all 4 plays in the series, and they don’t have blocking variations.

Holmes spends 90-minutes on CoachTube describing the seven ways to block Buck Sweep using this system.  He is only charge $5 for this course. Click here to watch.

This email will examine 3 of those 7 blocking variations….

Holmes calls Buck Sweep “Special”, and by his rules everyone outside the pulling G blocks down, the center reach blocks, and the backside tackle scoops.

One area that Holmes deviates from Delaware is that his Center blocks back vs a weak 1-tech shaded NG and the FB has playside A-gap blitzes.

The down blocks by the play side Tackle, TE, and Wing are critical to the play’s success.  Holmes teaches 2 types of down blocks. 

  • Gap (head in front) vs a DL who normally penetrates.
  • Down (head behind) vs a DL who stays on the LOS in order to read and react

 Blocking Buck Sweep the traditional way (“special”) vs a 50 front with a 4i over the Right Tackle leaves the offense vulnerable to the playside ILB shooting thru the open B-gap.

 Two of Holmes solutions are to pull the Tackle (TEX) or the Tight End (EX) instead of the Guard.

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