Less is More on Offense

Does your offense struggle week to week? Are you not sure what is going wrong?
How do you change the problem?
Teams that struggle the most are the teams that have not perfected their basic plays in which all the other plays are based on. Alot of struggling teams do one of two things:

(1) They add more plays to cover up the problems that they are having.
(2) They add more plays after installing the basic plays and do not re-visit or rep those basic plays enough during the season.


Does this sound familiar?

It is the coaches responsibility to figure out what scheme will fit their program the best and is this system age appropriate for the kids you that you have. This is very Important…

As a head coach, you can change the attitude of a struggling team by practicing the most important information and perfecting that before you move on to more difficult and outrageous plays. Kids will develop great self confidence when they do things right and feel comfortable in their environment.

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