How to Run the Power Play with a Tight End

Do you run Power?

Do you run Power Read?

Do you run Power Read with a Tight End?

Here’s what the play looks like in its purest form:

The Quarterback reads the play-side end and either gives the stretch to the Running Back, or keeps the Power Play to himself.

It’s a great twist to the classic play.

But do not stop there!

Check out this twist:

Okay, don’t panic.

The twist is just 21 personnel.

But no, it doesn’t have to be a traditional Fullback and Running Back.

Just put another Running Back in there and he’ll now take care of the Safety.

But he has to make a call to the Tight End to tell him to protect the inside.

So, now you’re really protecting the stretch because you’ve got two men on your pulling Guard and Tight End for that Inside Linebacker.

Check out this call:

And now you can also make a switch call between your second Running Back and Wide Receiver in order to get better angles.

And it still keeps the Tight End for the Inside Linebacker.

And what about if you want to run the play with a Receiver?

You’re back in comfortable 11 personnel and you motion the slot to run the stretch part of the play.

Key tip: don’t run the switch call because with that type of motion, the Safeties will usually roll and your blocking angles will not be great.

And there’s a lot more you can do like going into a Pistol Formation and switching the tracks between the Quarterback and Running Back.

But that’s for another time.

If you don’t use a Tight End in your Spread Offense, you should consider it because teams are used to seeing 4 wide all the time.

But when you add an extra blocker and combine that with your same spread concepts, you can be deadly.

And you don’t even have to base with a Tight End to give defenses some trouble especially if you are creative with your run schemes like they are in the Explosive Tight End Offense.

Learn all about using the Tight End here

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