How to Pass the Ball in the Wing T

This article’s focus is going to to be on a dangerous subject…

Throwing in the Wing T!

Coach, stick with me…passing in the offense is just a COMPLEMENT, but it’s one that you could probably do more often (did I just say that to a Wing T coach?)

Don’t worry, coach — this is Roger Holmes approved.

Check it out straight from Roger Holmes’ Run Game Manual:

The Ride Pass

Here’s our Ride Pass. This is the Weak Side Belly, we call it the Ride. The pass protection is 2-90 and it can be thrown to the Tight End and away from the Tight End sides.


• QB: Fake Belly to the Fullback. As you mesh with the FB, get your head downfield & key the corner. If the deep receiver is open, setup & throw on your 2nd or 3rd step after you fake to the FB. When the deep receiver is covered, then threaten the flank and look for the Halfback in the flat. Third choice is the Tight End on a drag or crossing route.

• FB: Fake Belly. After you clear the LOS, hook up at 4 to 5 yaards over the Right Tackle area.

• HB: Run 5 yard flat route, stay parallel to the LOS when you gain your depth.

• WING: 3 step motion and come around and block the End Man On Line of Scrimmage

• Playside TE: Get a 3-foot split. Release inside a 6 or 9 technique and outside a 7. Run a corner route and get 15yds deep on the numbers.

• Backside TE: Run a cross or drag route, 12-15 yards deep, behind the LB’ers. Avoid being covered by the backside inside LB’er. Gain your detph as you go across the field. Settle down inside the hash.

• Playside WR: Run Post-corner route. When you break to the coern and a defender is high on top after your 4th step, then run an out.

The Split End runs your bootleg route, which is your post corner. We can run the same thing, we like to do it against the eight-man front and tag the Split End with a curl route.

Tight End, you are the only receiver left on the backside. We want to keep the concepts the same for our Quarterback. If it’s cover three, the TE replaces the linebacker at eight yards deep. If it’s cover two, the TE replaces the safety four yards deeper than he lined up. So the Quarterbacks read is identical to his reads on the bootleg. If it’s cover three, we want to throw the football to the Split End. You fake the Belly, a linebacker honors the run, replace the linebacker at eight.


Here’s a variation, Speed Ride 35 Pass Switch, which is faking Jet motion. Doing this and sending the motion to the flats is easier than blocking on the EMOL. All the Quarterback is reading now is the flat defender. If he jumps the speed guy, the curl window is open. If he hangs under the curl, there’s nobody to handle the guy in the flat.

There’s also the switch with the post wheel. We have scored a lot of points off of this over the last several years, this is the money play. This is the red zone play, this is the 15-yard line, eight-yard line, money play. Speed Right 35 Pass Switch Ends Cross.

Other Variations

And if you’d like to watch THE Roger Holmes (2x Georgia State Champion!!) explain how he runs the concept in great detail, just click HERE!

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