Defense Memorial Day Bundle


Memorial Day Special!

19 Courses for ONLY $99!!!!!

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    Happy Memorial Day!

    What’s included:

    Clinic/Summit Coach Course
    1 Kelley Lee Defensive adjustments that give option problems
    2 Trip Sumrall Defend Wing T with 7-man front
    3 Adam Gaylor Stem and Pre Snap Movements to Confuse Flexbone
    4 Adam Gaylor Tower Defense to Stop Wing T
    5 Brian Vaughn C-Gap Run Defense with Simulated Pressures
    6 Brian Vaughn Defend Option with 1-high Safety
    7 Brian Vaughn Defend Option with 2-High Safeties
    8 Rick Stewart Course 12: Defending WingT & Triple Option Offenses
    9 Brad Dixon Defending the Wing T
    10 Utah 4-3 Defensive Philosophy
    11 Utah Quarters Coverage out of 4-3 Defense
    12 Clinic of Champions Outside Linebacker Play
    13 Clinic of Champions Cover 3 vs Spread Offense
    14 South Dakota State Shutdown Coverages to Stop Their Best Receiver –
    15 Powered Up South Dakota State Defensive Back Techniques – South Dakota State
    16 Powered Up 3-4 Defense-For 8-Man Football
    17 Powered Up North Dakota State Run Fits in Any Defense –
    18 Powered Up Jenks Oklahoma Zone Blitz Concepts –
    19 Powered Up Iowa State Linebacker Play in the 33 Stack –


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