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425 Read & React Multiple Front Defensive Playbook


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The BASE defense has headup D-Line in 6-4-0-4 techniques.  The two D-Tackles step weak as soon as ball is snapped, so this defense starts off in a 3-4 alignment but becomes a traditional 4-man front as soon as ball is snapped.

EASILY go from 4-4 to a 4-2-5 to a 3-4 Defense !

Matchup Cover 2, 3, and 4 using pattern reading and robber concepts.  Violent re-routes of the #2 receiver.


The READ & REACT Multiple Front Defense has a 0-tech NG and a 4-tech DT who slants weak, putting them in the same position as traditional 1 and 3-techniques once the ball is snapped.  The philosophy is that head up defenders create more confusion for the blockers since they can slant into either gap.  The 0-tech alignment makes for an easy transition from 4 man to 3 man front.  The uncovered guards give very clean run/pass reads to the defense.


The “Front 6” consists of four DL and two ILB who align to a run strength.  The “Back 5” align to the multiple receiver side.  This separation of the run and passing strengths is referred to as a “DIVORCED FRONT”, which allows the defense to have multiple looks while remaining simple to learn (multiplicity with simplicity).  Formation recognition is also easy to learn by splitting every formation in half, effectively reducing every offensive formation to 6 alignments.


Section 4 has “Every Day Drills” (EDDs) that are used in practice to teach the positions and explain every position’s Alignment, Assignment, and Responsibility.  In the defensive line chapter, the STUD and END techniques are not the same as the TACKLE and NOSE techniques.  The Outside Linebackers are actually HYBRID SAFETIES and their techniques are more similar to the defensive backs.


This defense is a contain and turn it back inside philosophy.  The goal of every run play is to force the running back into a very narrow “alley” in which he will be outnumbered 3 to 1.   The beauty of the Read & React 4-2-5 is that each player’s job remains the same regardless of whether you are in the 3-4 or 4-2 fronts.

Backfield actions are broken into fast flow, split flow, and counter flow.    The 2 inside linebackers play 20 technique and read the uncovered guards which allows clean reads and aggressive reactions.  The defensive line primary job is to “sting” their man and keep the offensive lineman from blocking the linebackers.  They are taught to react, not read, to the five things an OL can do: reach, fire out, escape inside, pull, and pass block.  The secondary provides the force, alley, and contain players as the Falcon (FS) is an aggressive run defender and the corners provide secondary run support.


As previously mentioned, the Read & React method of teaching divides the field in half, thereby narrowing the teaching of 4 coverages (man, 2, 3, 4) versus 6 alignments (pro, solo, tight, wing, twins, & trips).  These chapters start with 1 on 1 route defense and progresses to multiple route recognition based on our “+1” rule:  Always have 1 more pass defender than they have receivers.  This section has 4 chapters dedicated to pass defense.


Section 6 takes you through how Stewart starts scouting his opponent in the spring and takes you up through “Saturday to Friday” game week preparations.  There is detailed explainations on how to use HUDL most efficiently.  Practice organization and how to fit everything into a 75-minute practice Mon – Wed is also detailed.


Email coach Stewart for game playsheets, wristbands, scouting reports, and player evaluation forms that can be edited with Microsoft Office.  There are also 10 spring practice, 6 summer, and 20 August practice schedules that you can customize to your needs.   All the tackling drills, pursuit drills, and individual position EDDs are in pdf printable form.  There are also powerpoints to show your staff and players.

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