Drill Your Triple Option Quarterbacks the Right Way

I’ve got a great drill to share with you from Coach Kelley Lee, former head coach at Eastern New Mexico, which led the NCAA D-2 in rushing yards in 2019, and now a head coach/AD in Texas.

It’s a simple drill, but it ensures you get a lot of reps and it is far from easy.

This drill focuses of the fundamentals of the triple option offense and is essential for when you are installing the offense.

But it’s also essential in the season.

Sometimes it’s easy to stop drilling the fundamentals as the season gets going and you spend so much time putting in your game plan.

But this is a reminder early in the season to keep up with your drills that stress the fundamentals.

So, what drill am I talking about?

It’s the Two Ball Drill for your quarterback.

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Coach Lee goes over this drill and many more in this course.

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