You Need This Drill to Help Your Blocking

When you near the end of the season and defenses are getting better and they’ve got tons of film on you, you’ve got to ensure your fundamentals are still sharp.

So, you’ve got to be prepared to see different looks designed to defeat your base schemes.

This drill from Coach Steinberg, creator of the Spread and Shred Offense, takes you to the fundamentals while preparing you for all sorts of looks a defense can throw at you.

The Core Drill is a drill that is perfect for the beginning of the season when you’re in camp. But once we get to the season, you often times need a refresher and this is great drill for your offensive linemen to work on their blocking schemes.

It’s also a great defensive drill for them to get off blocks, as well as for the running backs to be able to run off their blocks.

So, if you’re looking for a drill that gets you back to the fundamentals and works your base plays in mid-season form, here is the CORE DRILL.

If you take a look at the figure above, this is the football field going horizontally. On the right side is a center and guards versus one defensive lineman, usually a nose and two backers. Then if we had two defensive linemen, we would have one inside linebacker.

Then on the left side of the picture will be the other group down the field. Here is a center, guard and tackle, versus a defensive tackle, an end and an inside backer. These guys are running blocking schemes like the counter or zone.

Then at the same time on the other side we’re gonna run plays at that defense as well. Then, the next thing that we’ll do in the second five-minute period of that, we will change up the front.

In the picture above on the right side, you will have two tackles and the middle linebacker. Then on the left side, you’ll have a tackle and end, and an inside linebacker. Then again, you can run whatever your plays are using a half line drill scheme for that day and you’re going to just work on some of your blocking schemes (mostly inside/outside zone and a little bit of counter/gap scheme versus the interior defensive tackles). You can just work on that for another five minutes. We will convert this into a 10-minute period where we will get to see both even and odd fronts, and get our center guards and tackles a lot of work.

This drill is an efficient way to get your plays used to different fronts and linebacker play as you get deeper into the season and defenses get more sophisticated.

Coach Steinberg goes over his complete run game in this course.

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