Why you need the boot

In an offense like Kelley Lee’s Ground Strike Triple Option, passing well doesn’t just happen by accident. 

You must get the pass to line up with your run game.

And what better way to do that than the Boot?

I really hope you already have a boot concept, but hopefully Coach Kelley Lee’s will inspire you to make your passes even more so like your runs.

Because even though those spread coaches are trying to convince everyone that you don’t need to establish the run anymore, we know that isn’t true.

The run game is alive and so is the Triple Option.

And when you can marry your deadly ground attack with the pass, then you can “spread” the ball around more efficiently.

Here’s a look at a base way college coach Kelley Lee runs the boot:

The run action is a quick pitch to the back in motion.

The lineman will zone for the toss one gap over and the full back will seal the boot-side edge.

A lot of teams will run him into the flat, and you can certainly do that and Coach Kelley can tag that like I’ll show you in a second, but that’s who the fullback usually blocks on run plays.

And you’re getting more of a boot play, not a naked play.

Here are all the rules listed out:

One of Coach Lee’s key coaching points is to sell the motion.

It’s really important that you teach the player in motion to keep running and not just slow it down once the fake pitch has happened.

And for the slot player getting to the flat…

This is difficult and needs some extra attention.

Coach Lee likes to tell him to be fast, slow, then fast again.

That slot play has to really feel his way through the blockers.

And lastly, let me tell you about the tag Coach Lee uses to get his fullback into the flat.

They run it from an over set with the tackle replacing the tight end.

Everything is the same except the fullback and the slot switch responsibilities and now the tight end (on the backside) can run the crossing route.

He likes to bring the tackle over because it’s hard for the slot to make the block coming across the formation.

As we enter the fall season and our first days of camp, be thinking about your passing game.

Coach Lee has gone really far with his attention and dedication to marrying his play action passes to his triple option run game.

When you do this, you are increasing the odds of both your runs and your passes.

And I understand that time is always a factor this close to the season when you’re looking at what to install and what to keep out.

But instead of adding anything new, take your existing play action plays and go over them again.

Do they look exactly like my best runs?

Now’s the time to ask these questions so that you’re putting your team in the best place to win.

Check out how others do it and fit it with your scheme.

And if you’re serious about it, take Coach Lee’s course here.

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