How to run the G-Load Option and Power Option Pass

As you probably know, the TEX-BONE marries the triple option offense with the spread. It uses traditional option schemes out of spread formations to get predictable defensive alignments.

It uses PISTOL to provide flexibility to run the ball in either direction on every play.

Let’s take a look at how the G-Load Option attacks defenses:

  • The Swiss Army knife
  • Dive read player is blocked
  • It doesn’t matter how a team plays the dive
  • Solution for teams that make the dive read difficult or play the dive multiple ways
  • Slows backside LB pursuit

Let’s really analyze this play.

If the QB puts the ball in the FB belly and rides it out….the D-End and ILB have to honor it. The D-End should squeeze. As he does this, the pulling play side Guard logs him and there goes the QB up the field.

You could add a TE/Wing/H-Back to take care of ILB so the FB can just fake into the hole.

Personally, I wouldn’t have the Left Wing do a Jet Sweep fake because this might stop the D-End from squeezing.


Of course.

Have that TE/Wing/H-Back replace the ILB and give the QB the option of throwing the pop pass or taking off and running….

Power Option Play Action

This play uses the Power Option run scheme (which you can learn more about in this free video here) to set up completions for your quarterback.

There are also backside isolations and downfield shots. Remember, Coach Austin was an all-conference QB in college and broke many records as a college OC running no-huddle, fast tempo Air Raid concepts.

You can also use Jet Sweep fakes to hold the backside and create eye candy for the defense to open up the dig and flood routes..

Could the Jet sweep just run an arrow to the flats? How about a wheel route?

If the QB puts the ball in the Jet Sweeper belly, he could ride the Jet and let that motion man turn his shoulders which leads to a 2nd fake to the FB in the B-gap.

The OLB / Strong Safety are really in a bind. If they bite then all those digs are open….

Talk about stopping the defense from putting 9 in the box !

Coach Joe Austin has published tons of courses ready for you to start your journey in the Triple Option world.

Check them all out here.

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