Spread & Shred: Simple RPOS for High School


Coach: Jeff Steinberg

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    The RPO Game explains how coaches can add a productive wrinkle to their team’s offense with RPOs. The video discusses why RPOs are useful. In addition, the video not only reviews different types of RPOs, it also explains how coaches can determine what kind of RPO is best for his team. In that regard, the video explores simple ways to use RPOs in your run game. Finally, the video addresses using RPOs in a team’s play-action passing attack, which many coaches believe is the next evolution of this innovative offensive concept.

    Among the topics covered:

    • Different types of RPO’s
    • Why are RPO’s useful?
    • What kind of RPO is right for you?
    • Box control
    • Pre-snap RPO
    • Post snap RPO
    • Triple motion
    • RPO’s as action-passes

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