How to Handle August Problems

This week might be your first game week.

Today is our last day of 2-a-days, picture day is tomorrow, and we have a scrimmage Saturday morning.  I love this part of the season…the journey of putting a team together.

After a wild season last year and an offseason that moved forward with this season’s future in balance, we are here at last.

And I hope you have had a great summer and camp with your players.

And also the senior that shows up on the first day of school asking if he can play.

And the freshman that shows up at the end of the first week because he finally heard about the football program.

These players show up every year and you always want to ask them, “Where were you all summer?”

They show up and they do not have physicals.

They show up without cleats.

They are behind everyone on learning the plays.

They might have to stand around in a helmet for a few days while everyone else is already in pads.

This happens to every football program in the United States and it will keep happening.

But the more players playing football, the better.

So, let me give you actionable tips to build a way to make this process as smooth as it can possibly be:

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