How to put on an end of the year award ceremony

As you are wrapping up here are some ideas to think about.

We always meet with my seniors and buy them pizza. There is a form that they fill out rating the season and offering ideas of things the coaches should consider changing.

This is also their last chance to tell me if they want to play college. Although we have already put a plan in place their Junior year, some have a change of heart and decide at the last minute that they would like to play at the next level. We followup with these players, along with their parents and give them an honest evaluation of where they should focus…especially if they haven’t met clearinghouse requirements. We might have to tell them that this late in the game, Jr College is their only option.

We also give every senior a letter of reference at this meeting to use for college and job applications.

We also explain that they have to change their schedules and drop zero period weight training to make room for freshman.

The senior questionare and “so you want to play college” checklist are available in my “Worst to First: Building a Program” book.


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