attacking a 6-2 defense

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A 6-2 defense will have a very tough time defending the flats.

  • Down Pass Switch, Belly Pass, and 22-33 Belly Pass are killer plays.


A 6-2 will cover your X-receiver with the CB, your TE with the FS, and wing away from X with the other CB.  Who covers the Wing on the side of the X receiver?

Don’t run motion because the FS will rotate and cover that wing.  Run Tight Purple Arrow; Tight Purple Smash.


The standup DE in 6-2 is in conflict.

  • G-Lead (double last DL with tackle & TE), kickout End with TB, Wing & pulling G take care of ILB.
  • Down is same except you lose the double team because tackle has to down block for pulling G.
  • Down Tee is good play, but no double team.


So the standup End is not forced to squeeze down and stop TB off tackle plays…what if QB pulls the ball & runs option?  Who has QB?  Who has pitch man?


Depending on how the two interior DT play on your Guards, tackle trap & G might work….especially if they shade 1 & 3-tech.  If they are headup…then I wait & see what my offensive Guards tell me.

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