Is your digital playbook “collecting dust?”

The post below was written by my coaching buddy, Keith Grabowski.  He is a D-3 college offensive coordinator and writes the best football blogs in the country at  You should also follow him on Twitter @CoachKGrabowski. The post below is from 2 years ago.... View More


In my defense the outside linebackers are critical…just as important as the safeties in the 4-3.  The small difference is this:  In the 3-4, they are asked to come up & play on the LOS vs TE sets.  They can be overmatched in this scenario.  In... View More

Off Season Strength and Conditioning

15,484 high schools played 11, 9, 8, or 6-man tackle football in 2014.  Over 1.1 million boys and 1,698 girls participated, more than double the next closest sport, basketball.  All participation numbers are available on the National Federation of High Schools website.  Maxpreps lists a... View More

Wing T at 4th grade level

Coach Stewart, I want to thank you for making the Youth Pistol Wing T series of DVDs. They are awesome and have helped me a ton.  I also want to thank you for offering your email for coaches to reach out to you, as well... View More

TB in pistol or offset in Shotgun?

Here is an email that I replied to: On 2015-11-06 05:07, Kevin Schelb wrote: Coach Stewart, This past year our QB was one of our most dynamic players and we really made some efforts to feature him running the ball by getting into the gun. We ran... View More

How Much Live Contact in Practice?

LIVE CONTACT IN PRACTICE: California has passed a few new rules:  No school equipment can be issued in the summer.  First week of August is “acclimation” period where we go 2 days in helmets only and 3 days in pads but can only hit bags.  After... View More

Pistol Wing T Short Yardage

We have two short yardage packages, TUBBY and THUMPER.  However, Belly 47-G (belly sweep) is by far our best play on the goal line.   Tubby We put both tackles and our TE on one side of the fomation and our X at the opposite... View More

Some Ideas to Balance Coaching and Family

Any dedicated coach struggles with balancing the demands of coaching with family responsibilities.  Running a football program with 150-250 players and 10-20 adult coaches is a full-time job, especially when you add on managing a booster club and connecting with youth teams.  Even the off... View More

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