TEX-BONE Power Option out of Spread Pistol Formations


College coach Joe Austin is the inventor of the TEXBONE, a marriage of triple option and spread using traditional option schemes out of non-traditional option formations.  The spread formations force the defense into predictable alignments but the TEXBONE is unpredictable to defend because every play could be spread or option-based.

This podcast Coach Austin covers Power Option, which is the foundational play of the TEXBONE offense.  This is the first option system to use power as its base scheme.  The benefits are horizontal and vertical defensive displacement.  It can be ran against every front, is good against blitz, and requires no checks, ever because it is a rule based play.   Easily paired with play action and other run plays

The TEXBONE uniqueness makes it difficult to prepare for and the spread formations mean you get to play against base defenses.  The TEXBONE is for coaches needing a change, looking to be unique, wanting to maximize specific players, desiring to diversify, and knowing that they still need to be modern

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