Triple Option Super Clinic 2022 Bundle


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    Triple Option Summit 2022 Courses included:

    Breakdown of Triple Option – Dominique Allen
    Teaching QB Fundamentals in Triple – Dominique Allen
    Coaching A-Backs Technique & Fundamentals – Dominique Allen
    Navy Zone Option – Ashley Ingram
    Navy Development of Offensive Linemen – Ashley Ingram
    Navy Trap & Variations – Ashley Ingram
    Going Empty in Triple Option – Bobby Jones
    Concept Simplicity, Formational Diversity – Bobby Jones
    3 Core Option Plays 100 Ways From the Gun – Bobby Jones
    Guardrails for Flexbone Triple Option – Cody Mallory
    Setting the Tone with Zone Dive – Cody Mallory
    Teaching the Pitch in Option Game – Cody Mallory
    Gun Triple Tags and QB Teaching Points – Drew Thatcher
    Changing the read in Gun Power Read – Drew Thatcher
    Protecting your Option game with Play Actions from Gun – Drew Thatcher
    Weekly Practice Preparation in Triple Option – Jason Starin
    Passes & Misdirections in Triple Option – Jason Starin
    Combining Run N Shoot with Triple – Joe Austin
    Multiple Formations in Pistol Triple Option – Joe Austin
    OL Play & Drills – David Duty
    QB Run Game in the Flexbone – Josh Ritchey
    Triple Option to TE side – Josh Ritchey
    Wing Arc Blocking Technique & Drills – Josh Ritchey
    Attacking the 3-2 Exchange with Run and Pass – Kelley Lee
    Ground Strike Post-Wheel Playaction Concepts – Kelley Lee
    Ground Strike Midline Concepts – Kelley Lee
    High School Run Game with Undersized Linemen – Andrew McCraw
    Packaging Toss and Belly G in High School – Andrew McCraw
    QB/FB Mesh Fundamentals in Triple Option – Bryson Bray
    Variations of Belly G – Bryson Bray
    Variations of Mid Triple Tags – Bryson Bray
    Modernizing the Gun Triple Option – Vince Munch
    Complimentary plays in Gun Triple – Vince Munch