Coach: Joe Austin

Multiple Formations in Pistol Triple Option - Joe Austin


Triple Option Clinic 2022
Coach Joe Austin


1. Introduction
2. The I Formation
3. Spread Read Option _ Spread Formation Split Back Veer
4. What is the Tex-Bone _ How Does It Work
5. Shotgun vs Under Center
6. Why Are Spread Formations Valuable To Triple Option Schemes
7. Formation Families
8. Flexbone
9. Empty Flexbone
10. 2x1 Open (Wing Weak)
11. 2x1 Open (Wing Strong)
12. 2x2 Open _ 2x1 Tight
13. 3x1 Open _ 3x1 Tight
14. Personnel
15. Get More Mileage Out Of Your Schemes Part 1
16. Get More Mileage Out Of Your Schemes Part 2
17. Shifts
18. Game Film Flexbone
19. Game Film Triple to Boundary
20. Game Film 2x2
21. Game Film Unbalanced 3x1
22. Game Film Base Spread Formation _ Counter Motion

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