Coach: Dominique Allen

Breakdown of Triple Option – Dominique Allen


Triple Option Clinic 2022
Coach Dominique Allen


1. Who is Coach Dominique Allen
2. Triple Option & Count System
3. Count System 4-3 & 50 Defense
4. Count System Split Defense part1
5. Count System Split Defense part 2
6. Balanced vs Unbalanced Formations
7. Balanced vs Unbalanced 4-3 & 50 Defense part1
8. Balanced vs Unbalanced 4-3 & 50 Defense part2
9. Balanced vs Unbalanced Split Defense
10. Heavy Formations Pro 4-3 & 50 Defense
11. Heavy Formations Split Front
12. Inside Veer Blocking Rules
13. Inside Veer
14. Q&A What is your process for reading the interior defensive linemen
15. Q&A A-Back
16. Q&A The Q has the option to hand-off to the Fullback or to the A-back

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