Shotgun Wing-T Pass Easter Bundle


Happy Easter Sunday! 

12 Courses for ONLY $97!!!

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    Happy Easter Sunday! 

    What’s included:

    Clinic/Summit Coach Courses
    1 Adam Mathieson Course 5: Play Action Pass
    2 Scott Meadows Course 9: Play Action Passing FROM Shotgun WingT
    3 2022 Wings Summit Danny Norris Wing-T RPOs
    4 Scott Meadows Course 11: RPOs
    5 Adam Mathieson Course 6: Hot (Now) Screens & Shovel Pass
    6 Adam Mathieson Course 7: Quick Screen, Tunnel Screen and Directional Screen
    7 Adam Mathieson Course 8: Quick Passing Game
    8 Adam Mathieson Course 9: Stick and Snag Passing Concepts
    9 2022 Wings Summit Danny Norris Air Raid in a Wing T Offense
    10 2021 Wings Summit Adam Mathieson Intermediate Passing Concepts
    11 Scott Meadows Course 12: Sprint Out Passing Game
    12 Scott Meadows Course 16: Pass Protections for PAP, Quik, & Sprint Pass

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