Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Utilizing Mesh, Pick Routes & Man Beaters for Red Zone & Goal-Line in the Spread Offense


Coach: Jason Mcmanus


When defenses want to blitz in the red zone and on the goalline, Coach McManus shows you how to attack man coverage which the Mesh routes and rub routes on the goalline. This simple concept allows you to create confusion for the defense and execute versus man coverage. But don't forget that Coaches 4 state championship teams ran for more yards than the passed for.... AND WHO IS THE MOST DANGEROUS RUNNER ON THE FIELD? THE QUARTERBACK !!! What do you versus Bear and Double Eagle Goal LIne Fronts? Two Tight Ends, Defensive Linemen as extra blockers. TRICK PLAYS ON THE GOAL LINE

1. What is Orange Zone, Red Zone, and Goal Line?
2. Why Pass the Ball on the Goal Line?
3. Snag Concept
4. Snag Game Film
5. Mesh out of 10 Personnel
6. Mesh Concepts on Goal Line out of Trips
7. Mesh out of 20 Personnel
8. Double Slants on Goal Line
9. Fades in Red Zone
10. Rub Routes
11. Snag Combination
12. Pick Routes vs Man Coverage
13. Whip and Hide
14. Heavy Formation Runs
15. Two Tight End Run Plays
16. Runs vs Bear and Double Eagle Goal Line Fronts
17. Trick Plays

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