Course 8: Quick Passing Game for No Huddle Offense


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Coach McManus draws the play on the board and then shows game film

INCLUDES DOWNLOADABLE POWERPOINT with all the plays drawn up

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    Cover 3 and Cover 4 beaters. Coach shows you how the QB reads the Corners and how the slot receivers routes change vs 1-safety and 2-safety ceilings

    How does the Hitch concept change out of Trips to makes sure every receiver is in a 1on1 matchup?

    DOUBLE SLANTS – “The easiest read in football”

    What is the “read slant” and how does the receiver/QB dual read the Corner.


    #2 in trips can run hitch/out/bubble depending on how defense lines up. Coach shows you those scenarios.

    The spot combination read between the X and FB makes sure that the defense is nver right


    QB reads it inside-out and Coach shows you the 3-step read progression. “MINI-TRIANGLE”


    Slant-Speed Out Bubble-Slant Arrow Slant