Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Quick Passing Game for No Huddle Offense


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Coach McManus draws the play on the board and then shows game film

INCLUDES DOWNLOADABLE POWERPOINT with all the plays drawn up

HITCHES Cover 3 and Cover 4 beaters. Coach shows you how the QB reads the Corners and how the slot receivers routes change vs 1-safety and 2-safety ceilings How does the Hitch concept change out of Trips to makes sure every receiver is in a 1on1 matchup? DOUBLE SLANTS - "The easiest read in football" What is the "read slant" and how does the receiver/QB dual read the Corner. STICK #2 in trips can run hitch/out/bubble depending on how defense lines up. Coach shows you those scenarios. The spot combination read between the X and FB makes sure that the defense is nver right SPACING QB reads it inside-out and Coach shows you the 3-step read progression. "MINI-TRIANGLE" ADVANCED CONCEPTS Slant-Speed Out Bubble-Slant Arrow Slant

1. INTRODUCTION all of the MacAttack Quick Passing Concepts
2. Playbook Explained
3. Hitches out of 2x2
4. Hitches out of Trips
5. Double Slants
6. Stick Concept
7. Spacing Concept
8. Advanced Concepts

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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