Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Drop Back Passing Game for No Huddle Offense


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Who gives away a 59-slide Powerpoint with every possible variation to Basic Air Raid Concepts?

Coach Jason McManus does!

--> How do you run 4 Verts into the boundary? What is a "middle read" and a "bender" route? Coach McManus walks you thru the QB reads, pre and post snap using more game film than any course on Coach Tube. What is the QB read if the two outside receivers fades are covered? Do your slot receivers know how to read the safety? SNAG --> What is a spot route? How does the slot receiver read the defense? What is their route vs zone and vs man? --> Do your slot receivers run 2-way GO off safeties? --> Coach McManus takes you, step-by-step, thru the QB pre-snap read of the Corner and the post snap read of the safety. DRIVE A unique twist by Coach McManus to the shallow cross. You find this in any Air Raid playbook.

1. Introduction of MacAttack Drop Back Pass
2. Four Verticals
3. Four Verticals out of Trips
4. Comebacks in Four Vertical Concept
5. Snag Concept
6. Snag Concept out of Empty Formations
7. Snag Concept with 2 RB in backfield (20 Personnel
8. Snag Concept with Corner Post
9. Drive Concept
10. Crush Concept
11. GO Back

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