Easy QB Reads Making Your Jet Sweep an RRO

The RRO – “Run Run Option”.  Rick Stewart has two easy reads that his Quarterback makes on Jet Sweep that gives him the option to keep the ball on Jet Sweep and run the ball in the playside C-gap, playside A-gap, and backside A-gap. His Quarterback has ran for 3,100 yards and passed for 3,200 during this 2-year run.

Rick Stewart has taken over 4 losing programs and led all of them to the playoffs. His latest Worst to First turnaround is occurring in Pennsylvania, with a 4-season record of 32-10 with a team that had only won 7 games in previous 8 seasons.

His 2018 Pennsylvania team went 9-2, rushing for 4,500 yards and passing for 1,500 yards with two 1,000 yd rushers. They topped this in 2019 with a 12-1 record with the #2 rushing attack in the entire state, running for 6,300 yards and passing for 1,600.

In 2021, his 9-2 team molded the starting point guard off the basketball team, a kid who had not played football since 5th grade, into the league’s most valuable offensive player, rushing for 800 yards and passing for 1,000 with a 65% completion percentage.

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