All Access Coaching Podcast S01E01 – Early Spring Football

What Are The Two Things A Football Coach Must Do After Christmas Break?

Christmas Break is Over.  Equipment collected, awards have been handed out, so now it is finally time to fix your playbook.  Right? WRONG! If a coach is not focused on the things listed in this podcast in January, February, & March, then the playbook doesn’t matter.  

Coach Stewart has turned around 5 losing programs, taking all of them to the playoffs in Year 2.  

  • 0-24 to 8-2;  
  • 1-19 to 6-4;  
  • 0-27 to undefeated league champs.  
  • First playoff win in 110-year school history.  

And this was all in California without ever coaching a scholarship player.  Stewart went to Pennsylvania and has a 21-3 record after only 20 wins in the 7 seasons prior.

These turnarounds were NOT because of Pistol Wing T or 425 defense.  They were because of taking care of the Weight Room, Leadership, and Team Building during the spring.  Coach Stewart lays it all out, step-by-step on this podcast, which is one of a two part series.

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