Coach: Roger Holmes

Vol 3: Wing T Drills & Planning Playbook


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This is VOLUME 3 of the complete Wing-T Manual.

It contains Chapters 1-4, 17-24 of the larger, comprehensive manual.

Volume 3 Playbook contains 163 Pages

This manual is a systematic way to teach the Wing T Offense based on the system developed by college coach and Tennessee Hall-of-Famer Herschel Moore. Coach Moore modified the Delaware WingT system to have multiple blocking variations and to take advantage of a defense no matter how they lined up. Moore is also credited for developing the Jet Sweep and making it a staple of high school and college offenses east of the Mississippi River. Holmes understood that Tubby Raymond and Ted Kempski themselves went to Moore to learn about the Jet and Rocket sweeps.

Most teams run Delaware’s Wing-T by the book, with only 3-4 basic series, never jumping into unbalanced formations, and always using the same blocking schemes. Traditional Wing-T teams also do not pass the ball often.

Roger Holmes has expanded Moore’s two tight end offense to use more wide receivers and pass the ball more. Holmes also added the midline and the veer and loves using unbalanced formations. Coach Holmes philosophy is to quickly identify whether your QB is a runner or a passer. The Holmes system has the ability to pass the ball more the years you have a QB who can throw, or run an expanded option game the years your QB is a runner.


The evolution of the system and friendship of Moore and Holmes start off this section. It is important to learn the roots of any system in order to truly understand the “why” behind the play calls and drills. Holmes then gives you detailed descriptions of the type of player he looks for in each position before going thru all the formations, shifts, & trades that have been the key to Holmes setting multiple Georgia scoring records and having the 3rd leading rushing team in the nation.


Unsupported image type.You can have the most complete, well thought out offensive system that football has ever seen and none of it will matter if YOU CAN’T TEACH IT TO YOUR PLAYERS!!!

This section will show you how to maximize your practice time. Practice fast, efficient, and physical. Not only put them in, but rep them enough times to be really good at running them. This requires a very organized coaching staff who can “coach on the fly” and run practices at high tempos. It also requires “MASS TEACHING” where players are constantly getting reps and not standing in lines.


¨ Detailed explanations of what to look for when watching opponent’s film.

¨ Flow charts of “If-Then” statements using plays that are most effective vs defenses.

¨ How to call the plays on Friday night so that the defense is in conflict.

Every year the job boards are littered with jobs because head coaches are fired because they couldn’t get the players to buy in, but more importantly they couldn’t surround themselves with good assistant coaches. Roger Holmes has been doing this for more than 30 years and as AD, has hired and mentored hundreds of coaches in multiple sports.

Learn from Holmes on how to find and train coaches. Holmes shows you how he delegates year-round duties for every coach, including the in-season tasks during weekend film break down to Friday night assignments. 

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