Coach: Jason Mcmanus

Train QB How to Read Coverages


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

In this course Coach treats you as if you were his QB.

You will start in the classroom, learning off PowerPoint.

Then he brings up GameFilm to help his QB identify the coverage PRE-SNAP.

And most importantly, after the snap, the QB reads the coverage as it adapts to your routes.

1. What We are Going to Talk About
2. Vertical Integration
3. Coverage Identification
4. Open Access from Safeties
5. Coverage Zones
6. Coverage Zones - Cover 2
7. Over Front Identification
8. Under Front Identification
9. Under Front Identification
10. Even & Odd Front Identification
11. Odd & Bear Front Identification
12. Review of QB Lessons
13. Questions And Answers
14. The Beauty Of The System

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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