Coach: Jeff Steinberg

QB Academy: Teaching Coverages


Coach: Jeff Steinberg

In this course Coach Steinberg gives insight into how he teaches his quarterbacks how to identify coverages, understand the strengths and weaknesses of each coverage and how to attack each coverage.

1. Introduction
2. Coverage Families
3. Method to Determine Coverage
4. Zones and Zone Coverage
5. Cover 2 Philosophy
6. Cover 2 Philosophy Continued
7. Quarters Philosophy
8. Cover Three Philosophy
9. Cover Three Sky 1 Safety
10. Cover Three Sky 2 Safeties
11. Cover Three Cloud Philosophy
12. Whiteboard: Attack Cover 3 Short
13. Whiteboard: Attack Cover 3 Deep
14. Whiteboard: Cover 3 2 Safeties
15. Whiteboard: Cover 2 Short
16. Whiteboard: Cover 2 Deep
17. Whiteboard: Attack Quarters
18. Summary of What We Learned

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