Coach: Eric Marty

QB Reads & Responsibilities


Coach: Eric Marty

Learn the 4-Filter System

Don't make your QB read progression complicated once the QB applies the PRE-SNAP filter system, then he has a 2-read progression Learn why the MULTIPLE GUN OFFENSE has been a TOP 5 offense in the 68-team JUCO system in California 60 TDs and only 15 interceptions 2nd & 5th in state passing efficiency past two years Once you listen to Coach Marty, you will quickly see why they went from 0-10 to 20-2 and he will be a Division 1 coordinator in the very near future The first part of this course is about Building & Communicating the Pass Concepts. Why & How to use Wristbands How to Apply the 4-Filter system to WR A college QB and European MVP himself, Coach Marty is an expert at QB play. Coach Marty takes you through his QB meetings. Tell you exactly the same things he tells his QBs in spring cadence check pass protections (where does the slide go with & without pressure) How to use the 4 Filter system RPO Read Progression This isn't a bunch of philosophy about QB traits and telling you the QB has to have great character
1 About Coach Marty
3 Building Pass Concepts
4 Wristband System
5 Passing strength
6 3 Simple Rules of Passing Strength
7 Examples of how play call works
8 Apply 4 Filter System to Pass Play
9 QB Rules & Reads
10 5 elements of elite Quarterbacking
11 Pre Snap Responsibilities
12 QB RPO responsibilities
13 Pass Game responsibilities
14 Applying 4 filter system to QB
15 Pass Pro Responsibilities of QB
16 Important points of QB play
17 How to Be Good At Alot of Plays

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