Coach: Roger Holmes

Spread Rugby PUNT: Eliminate Returns


Protections rules and techniques for each player in a rugby punt formation.

Coach Holmes Rugby Punt gives a detailed explanation of the advantages of the rugby punt. It covers the techniques used by the punter as well as all aspects of coverage and protection. If you are using or considering the rugby punt it is definitely worth your time." - Willie Fritz, Tulane University Head Coach Coach Holmes begins by explaining why you should use the rugby punt. The rugby punt allows the punting team to always have the threat of a fake . Additionally, employing rugby-style punting typically sees fewer punts returned and much better coverage. You'll get details about the basic responsibilities and alignment rules for each player. Blocking rules and techniques are covered and shown on game film by Coach Holmes gives an in-depth explanation of the coverage rules for each position with the rugby punt system. Extensive film review is also included, in which Coach Holmes provides coaching points and touches on some of the issues that can arise from running a rugby punt system. Coach Holmes does an excellent job giving a detailed explanation on the rugby punt. The rugby punt has made a dramatic impact on both the college and high school game, and with the help of this video, your team will greatly improve its punting efficiency! 64 minutes. 2020.

1. What's in this Course
2. Reasons for Rugby Punt
3. Problems with Rugby Punt
4. Rugby Punt Must
5. Rugby Punt Must 2
6. Rugby Punt Alignment
7. Offensive Line Protection
8. OL BLocking
9. Back Side WB & Snap Position
10. Rugby Punt Protection
11. Rugby Coverage Lanes
12. GAME FILM- Rugby Protection
13. When Facing an Overload to our Right Side
14. More Game Film
15. Rugby Punt vs Over Shifted Returner
16. Rugby Fakes
17. Rugby Punt Hot Fake
18. Game Film- Rugby Punt Hot Fake
19. Conclusion

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