Coach: Roger Holmes

KICKOFF Coverage System: Directional Kick Away From Return Man


Learn from 29-year Head Coaching veteran ROGER HOLMES, who has played for 3 state titles in Georgia, winning two of them.

A winner of 241 games, Holmes goes into great detail about a very simple way to install & teach KICKOFF COVERAGE Deep Kick Short Corner Deep Kick Wide Side Lob Kick Onside The master of "what-if" scenarios, Coach Holmes does a great job explaining how your KICKOFF team should react to all the things a return team can do.

1. What's in this Course
2. Kickoff Philosophy
3. Kickoff Coverage Must- Take on Blockers
4. Kickoff Coverage Must- Lanes
5. Kickoff Coverage Must- Leverages
6. Kickoff Coverage Must- Kicker
7. Scouting Information
8. Kickoff Placement Calls
9. Coverage Lanes for 1 O'clock
10. Hitmen Alignment & Coverage Lanes
11. KO Coverage with Return to Wide Side of Field
12. GAME FILM- Kickoff Coverage
13. Fold Players for Safeties
14. Fold Player on 1 O'clock Kickoff
15. Coverage Lanes for 11 O'clock
16. GAME FILM- 11 O'clock KO Coverage
17. Alignment & Lanes for 10 O'clock Lob
18. GAME FILM- 10 O'clock Lob KO Coverage
19. 3 O'clock Alignment & Lanes
20. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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