KICKOFF RETURN: Sideline Returns


Learn a simple kickoff return scheme that any team can implement
Learn common mistakes players make in the return game and learn from a 29-year veteran on how to correct them
Learn the correct blocking techniques for your front line so they can execute their blocking assignments.
Learn the correct distance between the returners to increase the likelihood for a successful return.

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    In any evenly matched game, more often than not, a game can be won or lost on special teams.

    Kickoff return is your first offensive play, and by keeping alignments & assignments simple, your return team will produce good returns and gain better field position consistently.

    Known for his discipline and commitment to fundamentals, Roger Holmes develops teams that consistently finish in the Top 10 in Georgia.  In this presentation, he shares the fundamentals of a successful return. Using both practice and game footage, he teaches the techniques used in his sideline return.

    As multiple returns are shown, the 2-time Georgia state champ Coach shows how proper technique impacts the effectiveness of the return team.

    Holmes details the personnel requirements for the return team and diagrams his sideline return vs kicks to all parts of the field.

    Discover his slam and reverse returns that are simple to teach and execute, but difficult for the kickoff coverage team to cover.

    Coaches at every level will benefit from this approach to the kick return game. Incorporate these fundamental drills and skills into your special teams this season.

    54 minutes. 2020.