Coach: Drew Sanders

Situational defense – Drew Sanders


1. Introduction
2. What made me passionate about Situation Defense
3. Today - Situational Defense
4. August Install
5. Celebrating the Takeaway - game film
6. Celebrating a 4th Down and a 4th Down Stop - Game Film
7. Handling A Ball on the Ground - Game Film
8. Late Red Zone Substitution
9. Blocked PuntFG Situation & proper blocking
10. Handling Media
11. Sideline Enthusiasm (Krunk Nation)
12. Krunk Nation Game Film
13. Watch The Ball! (LonghornAggie)
14. Fat Boy
15. Weekly Situations (Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
16. Why do you need these
17. QB Sneak Defense (Cheat)
18. QB Sneak Defense (Cheat) Game Film
19. Victory Defense
20. Victory Defense Game Film
21. Hail Mary Defense
22. Hail Mary Game Film
23. Sticks Defense with Game Film
24. Hawk Defense with Game Film
25. Motion Nub Formation with Game Film
26. Gate & Motion out of Gate

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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